Friday, September 29, 2006

38 weeks and counting

The doctor's visit today went well and there is really very little to report. I have finally started to dilate though... 1 whole centimeter... woo-hoo!!! Hey, it's progress. Also, the baby currently weighs about 6 lbs. 7 oz. and she is continuing to do great. We won't go into what Rob & I currently weigh, but we are doing great as well.

In related news, we put the crib together last night and maybe I'll post a nursery photo or two later this weekend. :)

In unrelated news, we are looking forward to our 1 year anniversary next weekend and the extra day off work that comes with it (I know, technically it's for Columbus Day- but who cares about celebrating Columbus?!)


mark pam and gang said...

I love this blogging bit!! It is so efficient - - getting all the baby news and Rob & Julie news in one sitting!! Has it been a year already? That went by so quickly!! Happy Anniversary!

mark pam and gang said...

P.S. I seem to be the only responder that you have . . . doesn't anybody else read this or am I the only who figured out how to comment???!!!

Rob & Julie said...

Several people have emailed or called to tell me that they're reading... looks like you're the only one who's figured out how to comment. ;)

Dad Linda Dan said...

i know how to comment