Saturday, September 23, 2006

"babby noos"

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 37 week check-up and so far so good! I've gained 37 pounds (which is more than I wanted to gain, but not so much that I'm flipping out about it) and the baby is doing great. I've started having a few contractions over the past week and the doctor seemed overly happy to hear that I was feeling pretty uncomfortable ("Yay, pain!" were her exact words actually.)

She also took great joy in telling me that the baby's head is "WAY down there" and apparently she had to push it out of the way to check whether or not I'm dilating yet- yes, that hurt and no, I'm not. So that raises 2 questions for me... 1. how is that even possible?!?! and 2. why am I the only one who's concerned that the baby is trying to come out of a hole that doesn't exist?

Anyway, we have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday to see how big our little girl is getting and we will be sure to let you all know. - Julie :)

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mark pam and gang said...

What a great idea . . . the blog, I mean, of course baby andersen making her exit her own way is great too!! She's a real Kaufman girl, making up her own rules as she goes along . . . and she's not even got a name yet! Love the picture of you and Rob, get us updated!