Sunday, October 22, 2006

Everyone's a winner

...but these ladies get serious bragging rights for some excellent predictions on their "birth certificates" at the baby shower in August.

Lucy, Miranda, Tara and Mom Kaufman correctly predicted 'Elizabeth' as the middle name. (We didn't even settle on the name until a few hours before the lady from Records came around...)
Ryann, Leah, Sarah, Maria, Monica, Nancy and Lily all came within one-half inch of the correct length, 19.5 inches.
With her guess of October 20th at 7:12 in the morning, Sabrina was the closest to the actual time of birth.
Amazingly, Nancy was only off by one-half ounce on the birth weight. The birth certificate will say 7/12, but it was actually 7/11.5 (yes, I have a picture to prove it!)...

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