Saturday, October 14, 2006

I ain't no xala-back girl...

So, in an effort to divert ourselves from the seemingly interminable wait for Baby Anderson to make her appearance, we went to the library on Thursday night to get a movie or three. (It didn't hurt that I was taking Friday off to accompany Julie to her appointment!) After a looong time, Julie didn't find anything she wanted, so I grabbed two, a "thriller"

and a "comedy of manners" from Senegal.

Some of you probably remember that I've spent some time there, right? Sooo, I thought I'd finally check out a flick by the most famous Senegalese director, Ousmane Sembene. 'Xala', pronounced "Hala", is about a middle-aged gentleman getting married to his third wife, but somebody curses him with the xala, or sexual impotence. Sounded hilarious. Long story short, 'Xala' is not only NOT very funny, it's awesomely boring. We didn't even finish watching it. I dunno-- maybe my Africanité isn't what it used to be... ;^)

Oh, 'The Interpreter' was really good-- kept us on the edge of our seats. We thought it funny that we managed to get two flicks about dysfunctional African nations...

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