Friday, November 17, 2006

our growing girl

Well, Charlotte was supposed to have her 1 month check-up today- but mom goofed on the appointment time so we had to reschedule for Wednesday. We'll let you know next week how it goes but in the meantime I thought we'd share some of Charlotte's current tastes. It's fun to see her personality developing more each day... and, okay, so yeah, maybe we spoil her... a little. ;)

Having her diaper off
Bath time
Being tickled under her chin
Tummy time
Reading the Economist on the couch with daddy

Lying down alone
Gas pain
Being tickled on her feet
Getting in her carseat
Being told she has to wait for anything

It's hard to catch her smiles on film- I just missed this one!


Kel said...

We have the same challenge of catching smiles on camera. She is getting better though. I think maybe it is because we always have the camera out - she could be getting tired of all the "smiling for the camera" stuff. They are adorable smiling or not.

Kris and Lindsay said...

Reading the Economist? What a smart little girl. We could never leave Josh with his diaper off. That would be deadly!