Tuesday, December 19, 2006

2 months old today

Happy Birthday to our baby girl! ;)

Yesterday I thought that Charlotte was sick. She was just so mellow- nothing upset her all day- also nothing was making her smile. It was just too weird. So I took her temperature with the ear thermometer and it said 98.6... now, I could've sworn that I was told to add a degree to whatever that thing said, so then I was convinced she was sick. I decided to take her temp again with the rectal thermometer just to make sure before I called the doctor and sure enough it said 99.6.

So I called the doctor and they told me to monitor it and call back if it went up. Sure enough, 2 hours later I got 99.9 on the rectal thermometer (I also got pooped on, which was delightful) and we made an appointment to have her looked over.

We met with the nurse practitioner- Rochelle- and she said that Charlotte was fine... no fever, no signs of illness, etc. Also she informed me that 99.6 is NORMAL when taken rectally. Why didn't anyone tell me that before?? So I felt like a goober... but at least we got to find out that Charlotte now weighs 11 lbs exactly and she is 23 in. long. Oh, and she has a clean bill of health for our trip to GA. :)

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Kris and Lindsay said...

We're glad to hear that Charlotte is well! Have fun in GA!