Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas in Dixie

We had a great time spending Christmas this year with the Andersons in Georgia! It was so nice to get to visit with all of Rob's family and for all of them to meet Charlotte.

There was much watching of movies, and playing of games, and singing around the piano, and yummy foods- as we expected. And Charlotte was a great traveller- which we certainly did not expect. She slept the whole way home- from the ride to the airport in Atlanta to the baggage claim in Baltimore... of course, then she was wide awake until midnight, but that's alright. ;)

We went for a long walk with Ally and her kids (+ 1 neighbor) on Saturday. L to R - Joseph (who dressed himself), Hailey (the neighbor), Savannah, Elizabeth and Charlotte.

3 adults, 3 strollers, 5 kids under the age of 4. It went amazingly well.

A family picture at the park.

The Anderson Family Singers!

Rachel, Becca (Tom's wife), Tom, Mom and Rob singing Christmas carols around the piano.

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