Wednesday, January 31, 2007

a week of firsts

This week has been very busy and exciting!

As previously mentioned, Rob & I went on our first BIG date since Charlotte was born...

I was so excited to see Wicked at the Hippodrome in Baltimore and also just to spend the evening with my handsome husband.

It was great to spend time with some of our old friends as well- like Owen and Laura... congrats to Laura & Peter on your engagement!

Also in the past few days,

*Charlotte has learned to roll from her tummy to her back. I'm afraid she's going to be mobile before we're ready for it... we better finish that childproofing stuff!

*I accidentally cut Charlotte's finger while trimming her nails. I realize it's about impossible to see in this picture, but it was traumatic- more for me than for her I think. She was over the pain fairly quickly but I made frantic phone calls to both my sister and Rob and apologised to Charlotte for about 24 hours afterward.

* And last, but definitely not least, Charlotte slept last night for SEVEN HOURS in a row!!! This makes for a very happy mommy.


Kris and Lindsay said...

That's such a cute picture of the two of you! I'm sure her finger will be fine. You're right, it was probably worse for you than for her! Josh hasn't started rolling yet but the doctor said it could be any day now.

Kel said...

There is nothing compared to getting a good night sleep. Ours used to sleep through the night, but lately we have been up every few hours. Every day with a baby is a new adventure.

Mrs. M said...

Hey, it's the Smooter! Tell him from Ereen. We were in Jerusalem together. And hi, Julie and Rob, this is my first time commenting here. Julie, you sound like we could be friends. I was in Afrique with Row-bear. I'll have to read through the archives here to catch up on your life:)