Thursday, February 22, 2007

healthy, happy and hungry

Charlotte had her four-month check-up with Dr. Vento today, and she is doing very well. She is now 25 inches long and weighs 15 pounds exactly. Rob and I had been wagering on her weight beforehand... yeah, we weren't even close! Anyway, we were glad to hear that all is well with her health and maybe this week we will venture into oatmeal and maybe even an exciting vegetable. Woo-hoo! :)

Okay, with that last sentence some of you probably re-affirmed that stay-at-home motherhood is definitely not for you, but I will have you know that this week I actually feel like I'm hitting my stride--- I'm finally starting to do those things that I said I was going to do "being home all day." I have been baking apple nut bread, taking Charlotte for walks in the stroller, scraping the textured junk off our bedroom ceiling (in prep for fresh paint) and I even returned to a quilt that I haven't worked on since about this time last year. Overall, I'm really enjoying having this time in my life to focus on being a wife and a mother. :)

Baby, you can drive my car

My family :)

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Kris and Lindsay said...

That one of her chewing on the car is so cute. That's great that you are so productive at home. I can't wait until I can do the same type of things.