Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

We hope you all had a nice Easter weekend!

We had a great time taking Charlotte to her first birthday party on Saturday- for her buddy Max who turned 1. We also enjoyed eating out at the Bombay Peacock to celebrate Rob's birthday and our 18 month anniversary. :) Of course we forgot our camera- but here are some pictures from Charlotte's first Easter at our house...

This is Hazel. I couldn't get very close to take a picture, but she has enjoyed eating lunch in our backyard most days since we moved in. Rob named her after the chief bunny in the book Watership Down. I think maybe she works for the Easter Bunny.

These were our Easter baskets- one for Charlotte and one for Mom and Dad.

Charlotte enjoyed that everything in her Easter basket could go in her mouth. This picture makes me think of Elvis... I guess it's the combination of the raised lip and the jammies.

All dressed up for church.

Charlotte and her Daddy. Happy Birthday Rob!!!

We love you. :)

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