Tuesday, April 24, 2007

playing and gardening

Over the weekend we had a nice visit with the Spiveys and we were so excited to see Josh and Charlotte finally interacting a little bit with each other. Josh gave Charlotte her first taste of papaya and she ate the whole jar! Oh, and Kris and Lindsay, you can beat us at Settlers anytime. ;)

We love that Charlotte has a buddy who lives nearby and is almost exactly the same size as her. :)
Charlotte kept trying to check out Josh's pacifier...
but of course she'll never take one from us.

Josh was kind enough to let her see it, although I think he's looking for Rob to intervene here. (Check out those muscle-y arms!)

Also on Saturday we got a few veggies planted in the backyard- tomatoes, onions and broccoli so far. I just bought a couple of pepper plants today to add to our garden and Rob has been talking about a melon of some sort... but we'll see about that- those vines can be crazy.

That brown blob in the middle of this picture is the rather large groundhog living under our neighbor's shed. He better keep away from my broccoli! (We see an amazing amount of wildlife for having a 20' x 50' yard- or whatever it is- I don't estimate well.)

Rob took these pictures of Charlotte "gardening."

After these photos, we had a hard time getting her out of her Bumbo seat. Poor girl, her thighs were stuck and she looked a little bewildered!

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Kris and Lindsay said...

We had fun with you guys! Charlotte is so cute in her bumbo.