Thursday, April 05, 2007

some random photos from this week

We've been having some beautiful Spring weather and Rob, Charlotte and I have all been enjoying walks around our neighborhood.

We dyed Easter eggs this week... we knew the concept would be pretty much lost on our Peanut, but Rob humored me and we did it anyway. This egg says "Charlotte" in Arabic. ;)

"Can I eat it?"

And lastly, Charlotte has developed some new eating habits lately that we're not thrilled about. She likes to chew on her bib between bites (especially if she thinks the service is too slow) and she sticks her tongue out a lot. Rob's theory is that she's discovered her tongue is what does the tasting... I dunno.

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Kris and Lindsay said...

I thought about doing eggs this year but I think we will wait one more year. Charlotte looks adorable, though. I love how she sticks her tongue out!