Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day weekend part I: PA

We hope that you all had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! We spent Saturday and Sunday in PA visiting family...

Charlotte and Leah are ready to go to Connie's pool for a swim on Saturday.

Once there, Charlotte was not very happy about how cold the water was. She did like how it tasted though!

After her first swim, she took a little nap with daddy.

Saturday night we went to Becky's Drive-in and watched Shrek the Third. We were too tired to stick around for Spiderman 3 (which didn't start until 11 pm,) but we enjoyed the movie despite the drizzle- and I especially enjoyed the funnel cake. ;) FYI- an odd bit about Becky's- apparently they used to only show "adult movies"... now they only show "family friendly movies."

Charlotte even let Shrek hold her!

Sunday we spent time sharing stories and Rob and Mark took the kids for a walk in the woods at Beltzville State Park. One thing that really surprised us over the weekend was how much Charlotte LOVES dogs! When we went to Pop-pop Kaufman's house, she especially loved that she could yell and wave her arms and Nana would come over and lick her in the face! This picture is of us with Buster (all 120 lbs of him) after he jumped up on Rob's lap and licked his neck.

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