Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Camping Out

We had a lot of fun in addition to the hiking that we did. We told scary stories around the campfire (but not TOO scary,) we went swimming and got ice cream at the beach, we caught tadpoles and a salamander that Connor named Spiderman, we had a funeral for Spiderman, and we had an enormous raccoon come to our campsite and peek in the tents and open the cooler (while we were all there! Apparently raccoons are no longer nocturnal at Rickett's Glen because they have learned that food is out during the day. The Brownie troop next to us said he stole their chocolate out of a tupperware container.)

Anyway, here a few pictures from our time at the campground:

Charlotte at Lake Jean. She loved eating the sand and banging the shovel on things.
(She's better at manuevering a sippy cup than a water bottle.)

Connor and Charlotte at the campsite.

A very tired Julie and Rob at the campsite...

Charlotte didn't let us get much sleep the first night!

Cooking breakfast... I LOVE campfire cooking!

Connor near Lake Jean.


The Spiveys said...

She is too cute with that water bottle. Love the hat.

Mike, Brandy & Kids said...

That looks like alot of fun! Mike really wants to go camping & I am not much of a camper!!