Monday, June 11, 2007

Mama's got a brand new ride

This past weekend Rob, Charlotte and I went to look at cars. The air conditioner went on the Rodeo about 3 months ago and the estimate we got to fix it was $1500-- which isn't much less than what the Rodeo is worth! So, we decided to put that money into a new car instead and become a 2 car family again. :)

We were kinda focusing on the Honda Civic and went and test drove one of those first- but weren't really impressed with it. So we decided to stop by the Toyota dealer and we saw this green 2004 Nissan Altima that had just been marked down. We didn't believe him at first that it had just been marked down- but after a call to Pam to check the Blue Book value for us we learned that it was priced just below that! Yay! It had previously been used as a driver's ed car and has really low mileage and we figure has probably never been taken much over the speed limit. We also checked Consumer Reports and found that the '04 Altima had top marks in most categories. We were sold! So here are a couple of shots of our new family car.

I especially am very excited to have 2 cars again! Now the Rodeo can sit at the park-n-ride while Rob's at work and Charlotte and I can get to the library, grocery store, park, etc. whenever we want!


Ony said...

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The Spiveys said...

Yay you have a new car! You'll have to show it off to us sometime. Now you won't have to wake Charlotte up at 5am anymore :)

Mike, Brandy & Kids said...

Congrats on the new car, looks fun!

Tom said...

You got an Altima? Sweet! I'm a little disappointed to hear you didn't like the Civic because I've been thinking that might be our next car. Although we've been thinking about an Altima, too.