Monday, July 09, 2007


This past weekend was very busy! We attended Mark & Sandy's wedding in PA at Our Lady Queen of Peace and then the reception at the Stroudsmoor. It was a beautiful day for a wedding and we very much enjoyed ourselves.

We also spent the night at the Palmers' house, enjoyed a picnic, watched fireworks, and swam in the pool. Cousin Eddie was especially interested in all of the new things that Charlotte can do and helped her (along with Rob) to climb her first tree! Cousin Max helped to (carefully) bounce Charlotte in the moon bounce (along with the help of Lucy.) It was all very exciting for Charlotte!

Ring bearer, (and Sandy's son,) Keith blowing bubbles.

We made a pit stop at Burger King in Brodheadsville for some french fries and they crowned Charlotte their queen!

Max bounces baby Charlotte while Lucy ensures that she doesn't bounce away.

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The Spiveys said...

She's so cute with the BK crown on :) Aren't they getting so big?!