Sunday, August 12, 2007

four score and seven years ago...

... well, actually, it was yesterday.

Pop-pop, Linda and Dan came down for a visit and we all went to Gettysburg for the afternoon. It was fun to walk around the shops downtown and interesting to visit the cemetery where so many soldiers are buried (and so many gorgeous trees grow too.) We visited the spot where Lincoln gave the famous Gettysburg address, and quizzed Pop-pop over pizza about how much of it he still has memorized from when he learned it in school.

We also drove around the battlefield a bit- if you've never been there it is rather large- and stopped at Little Round Top which is not only a great scenic overlook, but also the site of Pickett's Charge. And finished up our visit with some ice cream- which Charlotte was really happy about. :)

Gettysburg National Cemetery

The view from Little Round Top

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The Spiveys said...

Very nice picture of the back of your peanut's head. Babies are so cooperative when it comes to taking family photos! We need to try Gettysburg one of these days.