Friday, August 03, 2007

keepin' it rural

Last night, after dinner, we went to the Carroll County 4H-FFA Fair at the Ag Center. We had a great time! It reminded me of going to the West End Fair as a child... except this was WAY smaller and more "rural."

For example, it was FREE. Also, tractors pulling wagons picked you up in the parking area and drove you to the main tent. Instead of a tractor pull, there was a mule pull with the biggest mule plowing teams I have ever seen in my life. They looked like Clydesdale horses! There were no rides- but there were kids playing kickball and there was a little tent with mist spray that kids were running through to cool off from the heat. There were lots of food vendors, and craft displays and TONS of 4H exhibits and animals being judged.

It was great to show Charlotte all of the animals that she'd only seen in books.

This little lamb scared her by coming over and saying hello ("Maa-aa-aa") rather loudly.

She was still recovering from her conversation with the lamb when we found a terrific, radiant, humble thing-a-majig of a pig.

The nicest animal we met (in Charlotte's opinion) was this beautiful cow. We're so glad we live in a little community where we get to enjoy events like this.

August in Westminster is "Movies in the Park" month with free movies each Friday night. We may go tonight, if it cools off enough, and watch Charlotte's Web on the big screen from our picnic blanket. Now that Charlotte has met some of the characters in real life, we think she'd enjoy it! :)


Mike, Brandy, Layla, Spencer & McKay said...

Ok,Jules that looked like a lot of fun. Charlotte it such a cutie!!

The Spiveys said...

that is so funny with Charlotte and the lamb!