Tuesday, August 28, 2007

life is crazy

As some of you may already know, my nephew Allen was in a very serious motorcycle accident last Thursday. The good news is that he was wearing a helmet and he is going to recover... the bad news is that he is still in the ICU and will continue to be for some time yet. He is stable, but has been seriously injured and is being kept heavily sedated in order to make him comfortable. It's been a long week! We appreciate your thoughts and prayers on his and his family's behalf.

Charlotte, of course, is keeping us busy as well. She has discovered the toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom. Also, one of her favorite things to hold for some time now has been a Crayola marker... today she figured out how to take the cap off. ;)

Luckily there wasn't much left on this roll.

our baby "Blackbeard"

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Katkat said...

I'll keep your family in prayers.

I love how kids always find the non-toys in house and want to play with them over everything else.lol