Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good times

On Sunday, the Spiveys came to visit and Charlotte and Josh actually had FUN playing together! Previously they would just stare at each other OR live in denial that there was another baby around. Rob and I (especially) had fun talking with Kris and Lindsay as well. (You can only talk to a baby all day for so long before your brain starts to atrophy.)

Strike a pose.

I am just totally in love with this little outfit.

(And of course, the super serious girl wearing it too!)

I think Charlotte might be okay with reading books all day.

Last night I was reading her Goodnight Moon. This book has suddenly become way more fun to read since Charlotte recognizes the things I say and points to the correct objects- "the red balloon, the mittens, the three bears sitting on chairs, etc." So anyway, there is a page that says, "Goodnight air" and when I read that, she turned around and touched my hair and smiled.

Yup, that's right Peanut, "goodnight hair." :)

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Mike, Brandy, Layla, Spencer & McKay said...

Ok, She looks like so much fun, I love the hat. What a cutie!!