Monday, December 03, 2007

long time, no post

Hellooooo friends and family! :)

I apologise for dropping off the face of the earth. We traveled to Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with the Anderson clan there and had a great time.... unfortunately, we came home and immediately all got sick. It's been a long week of pink eye (all 3 of us!,) runny noses, coughs, fevers, and trips to the doctor (4 times in total.)

We seem to be somewhat on the mend now though. Rob is back to work, Charlotte is back to playing, and I am back to the blogosphere. ;)

Here are a few snapshots from our trip.

It was great for Charlotte to get to play with her cousins-

Johnny 5 was pretty patient with her.

Joseph and Uncle Rob liked doing puzzles together.

Savannah, Charlotte, and I played with this really neat counting toy.

Read it again!

Charlotte with her Grandma Anderson. :)


Mike, Brandy, Layla, Spencer & McKay said...

What a fun Thanksgiving. I wondered what had happened to you, no new posts. Glad your all better, not to fun to all be sick at the same time.

The Spiveys said...

Kris said Rob told him about your family sicknesses. That sounds awful. Now that you're all on the mend we need to get together soon!