Monday, February 25, 2008

Bubbles the portly pooch

In Pennsylvania this past weekend, Charlotte enjoyed the novelty of feeding a dog. Bubbles Haydt is a very sweet cocker spaniel who loves to cuddle and loves to eat (she is not very bright, but I guess you can't be everything.)

Anyway, here is Charlotte feeding Bubbles pretzels. Also in the video are my sisters- Pam and Melissa, my brother Daniel handing her the pretzels, my Dad and his wife Linda sitting at the counter, and briefly my brother-in-law Mark coming in from the left. We are an easily amused bunch. ;)

Stay tuned...

More pictures and news from the weekend will be coming soon.


The Spiveys said...

NEWS??? Like what?!?!?

Mike, Brandy, Layla, Spencer & McKay said...

Hi Jules, I loved the dog. I just went to UT for my sister wedding reception & McKay spent the weekend feeding my parents dog everything he could find. So...What's this NEWS???