Saturday, February 02, 2008

Party time at Polar Palace

Charlotte had a great time playing at Polar Palace today. She is still really little for most of the stuff there- but that didn't stop her one bit! She was totally fearless playing with the "big kids."
Hey, are you here for Nicholas' birthday party too?!?

Daddy took Charlotte through the maze-like inflatable land and then down the big slide. This other little boy was trying very hard to be helpful, and I was trying to videotape it, but I was cracking up and finally decided I better rescue Charlotte before he pulled her back in to the maze.
(Sorry the video is sideways- I keep forgetting I can't turn the camera!)

Since Rob had to recover from vertigo after taking Charlotte through there once, Alora was nice enough to bring Charlotte down a few more times. Charlotte loved every minute of it!

Mommy went with Charlotte through the "Playtona" speedway. According to Rob, anything even remotely Nascar related is definitely my department. ;)

BTW- this is our 100th post since we began our blog back in September 2006!!! Woo-hoo!!!


The Spiveys said...

I just had a major Laugh Out Loud moment watching that video. The little boy is hilarious!! Poor Charlotte!!

The Spiveys said...

I showed the video to Kris last night and he though it was hilarious too! :)