Wednesday, May 07, 2008

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I've been having a fight with blogger.

For some reason I had a really nasty time uploading photos for that last post. I had to do them one at a time, and even that didn't work after a while. Then our computer got an ugly virus. (Unrelated incidents).

BUT now we have a lovely new Toshiba laptop and I am trying to get back in blogging mode. :) Sorry for the extended absence! Here are a few more photos from our time in Georgia, and just a couple since then too.

Rob's mom made a fabulous black forest chocolate cake for Rob's birthday-- and Rachel's birthday too. ;) Johnny 5, Savannah, and Lizzy couldn't wait to eat it all up.

Rob's dad read many, many books with Joseph, Charlotte, and Elanor... even while being a jungle gym for Johnny 5. Rob introduced Becky to the game Peggle on msn game zone while we were there (here she is playing it in the background.) She and Rob (and also John) played a lot of Peggle.

Charlotte wants to do everything just like her Daddy. This was on the shuttle at BWI on the way back to our car. Also, yesterday she was "running fast" on our sidewalk and had to take a break to "stretch"-- just like Rob. It's kinda hilarious the things that she says and does lately. :)

Charlotte watering her strawberry plants. Maybe we'll actually get to eat some of the berries this year, if we can keep the rabbits away from them.

These are the beautiful yellow flowers that Charlotte picks for me-- just about every day.

I am a lucky mom. :)

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Anderson Family said...

I like your site. I found it by accident when doing a search for my site. It was funny seeing yours being we are both Anderson's and use the same template. You visited GA which was one of my keywords, and we live in GA.

Congrats on the pregnancy! We have two and they are wonderful.