Saturday, May 31, 2008

a Memorial Day to remember

We had a great time visiting with friends and family last weekend! Friday through Sunday we went camping at World's End State Park in PA. We had pretty chilly weather (it was like 36 degrees the first night) but loved the time outdoors. Charlotte loved it- especially the abundance of sticks and rocks. I coped alright for a pregnant lady... but I didn't take a single picture!! My sister Pam took about 300 though- so as soon as she sends me a few of those, I will blog about it in more detail.

Then we spent a little time working in the yard-

Charlotte would like to point out how big her strawberry plants have gotten, and Rob and I have been pleased with how the flower beds have filled in more this year. the azaleas are new this year, and we hope they'll grow nice and big over the coming years.

Then we went to the Spiveys for a picnic on Monday. Lindsay pointed out that this was our third Memorial Day spent together! It's a little tradition we really enjoy. :) Our good friends the Hancocks were there as well. Charlotte loved playing with her buddies Josh and William. The fellas made awesome ribs on the grill, and the girls enjoyed chit-chatting about pregnancy- all 3 of us mommies are due within 5 weeks of each other! Lindsay has several more pictures and info about the day posted on her blog here.

This is just a bonus picture for Charlotte's fans of her doing one of her favorite things- "running fast!" She goes to the end of the walkway by the car and stretches (like her Daddy taught her) and then I say, "ready, set, go" and she runs as fast as she can (while giggling) to the house.

She cracks me up. :)

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The Spiveys said...

We had fun! Thanks for coming! Your little one is too cute :)