Monday, June 02, 2008

Journey to World's End

As promised, here is a little recap of our weekend camping at World's End State Park in PA.

We had a beautiful drive north on PA-15... for a long time we were right next to the Susquehanna River and got to see some Amish buggies, a man plowing with a team of horses, and gorgeous handmade quilts for sale. We got to World's End and set up camp. The sites were pretty small, but also very wooded and felt secluded- which we liked. :) Also, the bathrooms and showers were clean and had hot water- way to go PA State Parks!

Charlotte couldn't get enough of collecting gravel. She was pretty much filthy all weekend. She also thinks that cousin Connor is the most fascinating person. If he was doing it, then it must be cool.

Just down the hill from our campsites was the Loyalsock Creek. The water was cold, but kids never care, do they?

On Saturday we went hiking. We hiked up the Canyon Vista trail (and I mean UP) to a beautiful scenic overlook and a massive rock garden. This is Rob, Charlotte, and I with Mark and Connor in the back there.

One of many break times. Leah and Connor were both good hikers, but the trail was harder than we had imagined it would be... we headed out around 10 am and thought we'd be out about 2 hours and it was more like 5 or 6!! Leah (a girl after my own heart) and I both had our cranky moments toward the end of the afternoon.

This is the view from the top. I have photos that my grandparents took from this same spot and my mom remembers coming here with her father when he was a travelling salesman. I believe they drove to the top though!

I've decided to call this picture "pregnant lady on the rocks."

Charlotte had a nice comfy ride for the hike (and Rob got a serious workout) but even she was pretty tired of hiking by this point on the way back down.

Allen and Robin joined us on Saturday afternoon.

And of course there were hot dogs and s'mores by the campfire and telling of stories and singing of songs. When we got back home on Sunday, Charlotte didn't want to come back in the house! I think she's a fan of this whole camping thing. ;)

Thank you Pam for the photos- although I've noticed that you're not IN any of the ones you sent me. hmmm.

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Mike, Brandy, Layla, Spencer & McKay said...

I guess I have forgotten how beautiful PA can be or maybe it has just been 11 years since I was on my mission. That looks like so much fun. We need to find some fun place to go camping I know Mike would love to go.