Monday, July 14, 2008

cute to boot

I took these pictures of Charlotte today next to our back gate. She got these boots as a hand-me-down and has just started wearing them. She loves them! Last night we had tears because I wouldn't let her wear them to bed. Sheesh.


The Spiveys said...

She looks so adorable in those boots and that skirt!!

Kel said...

Sometimes as moms, we are forced to do the "mean" things - like not allowing the boots in bed. My little one and yours will have grand stories of their unfair treatment to share. Mine can't believe her stuffed animals aren't allowed in the tub. In my defense, she wore the same pajamas for just over 48 hours last week. She "loved them," she would tell me. Too funny!
Those are great pictures!

mikeisha said...

THis is meisha. I don't know that you remember me, but I am Robert's cousin. I am so thrilled to see you two have a family blog. I heard you are moving to Germany. Aghhh, that is so cool. We will now be watching as your cute little family grows. I am excited to read about your lives. Please do stop by our blog sometime if you would like and I would love to have Robert chech up on us.