Saturday, August 23, 2008

Burg Frankenstein

Today we had our first "touristy" outing since we've been in Germany. :) We took a scenic drive to Burg Frankenstein- which is really not far from where we are at all. The castle was built before 1250, and has been added to and neglected in turns over the years. The results are some pretty cool ruins and grounds to explore. There is a theory that Mary Shelley was inspired here to write her Frankenstein story- but that is probably just good for encouraging tourists such as us to make the trip there. ;)

This is what you see as you walk up toward the castle.

Rob and Charlotte exploring the pathways beyond the gate... I think these trails through the Odenwald could actually be walked to from the house that we will be living in in a few more weeks. That would be a really long hike though.

These are some of the ruins beyond the entrance walls.

Charlotte and I looking out over Darmstadt- 36 weeks pregnant "belly picture."

This is a view of the previously mentioned Odenwald. Looks a bit like Pennsylvania, huh?

After our outing and a little rest at the Ho-Tel, we went to dinner at a VERY nice Greek restaurant down the street. Charlotte had a "kinder schnitzel" (I'm starting to think there isn't a restaurant in Germany that doesn't serve schnitzel!) And Rob and I shared a "festival of meat." That's what I'm calling it anyway. It had gyro (lamb,) steak, chicken, and pork, and seasoned potatoes. I don't even like lamb, and I thought it was awesome! In case we hadn't consumed enough decadent foods, we stopped in an eiscafe on the walk back to the Ho-Tel for some schockolade ice cream cones.

It was really fun to get out and have a special day exploring! Oh, and next week we should have pictures of the house to post- so be sure to check back. :)


Kat said...

I love old ruins. You look amazing by the way!

Still... The Moons said...

Jules- you look so great! I think I miss you more when I see how far away you are! What is the best way to contact you? Love Ya, Sarah