Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wie gehts?

How's it going? Sorry for the looong time since our last post. Our lives have been very, very hectic, and this post is probably going to be pretty scattered, but here we go!

We are now living in Germany!! We arrived on Friday- 08-08-08 and have been spending the last several days getting adjusted to the new time zone, surroundings, language, etc. The weeks before we got here were filled with making preparations and saying goodbyes to as many of our friends and family as we could. Unfortunately, my mom passed away rather unexpectedly about 4 weeks ago... of course we will miss her, but we are confident that she is in a better place now and no longer has all of the struggles that she has been living with in recent years.

Anyway... back to Germany. Right now we are staying in a "hotel" until we find our own place to live. It is actually the same place- and even the same ROOM that our friends the Hancocks stayed in earlier this year! Since it's raining today and I'm not sure where our camera cable is packed at the moment, I'm going to swipe a couple of pictures from their blog to show you around. ;)

This is the place!
Hopefully, we will be in more permanent housing before the baby is born.

This is the kitchen.
I hope to do very little actual cooking here.

This is the trash bin.
I think we've got it down- plastics, papers, compost-able, and other. Glass is recycled seperately into large containers on the street- green, clear, and brown.

Anyway, we are having fun, but we are still really tired. Charlotte had been sleeping well about every other night. On the others, she prefers not to sleep. (Rob and I are feeling the wear and tear bit.)

We could not be more thankful for our friends (and my fellow Pennsylvanians!) Kurt and Carrie! It would take me way to long to list everything they have done to help us so far- but we had a very nice dinner at their house last night and are going to start looking at houses and cars (with their help) later today. Woo-hoo!

We miss our friends and family- but we are really excited about this adventure. We hope you'll come visit us soon!!! :) I promise there will be more pictures coming later in the week.


felicity & nathaniel said...

That is hysterical. When I opened your blog I sure thought that first picture looked familiar! Now you have a very first hand look at how we lived for 6 months! I love it. How do you like that "art" in the master bedroom? HAHA.

Mike, Brandy, Layla, Spencer & McKay said...

Congrats on the move. I love nothing more than an adventure. It will be fun hearing all about you new home and fun in a new country.

Mim said...

It's so nice to hear some news. I'm glad that the move is going well for you. I'm jealous, another country, new places to explore. Good luck!