Sunday, October 19, 2008

2 years!

Charlotte celebrated her second birthday this past weekend! Boy, it was an interesting weekend too- we have officially entered the terrible twos.

Saturday morning we were getting ready to go for a walk and Rob took some trash out and came back in the house to brush his teeth before we left. The problem with this is that German doors are ridiculous. Our front door automatically locks behind you from the outside, and opens from the inside by just pulling on it- unless you lock it with the key, which we ALWAYS do, except when we're getting ready to leave the house like this. So anyway, I came downstairs and the door was open and Charlotte was gone. She wasn't visible anywhere on our street, so I took off in one direction and Rob in the other. Rob found her in the middle of the road a block and a half away with a woman holding her. She was safe and it was okay in the end... but it was a very scary experience for us.

So, after our walk, she was supposed to take a nap so we could clean up and make her cake, etc. The first time Rob checked on her she had climbed up on the changing table and pulled about 20 wipes out of the container. A while later I went upstairs to the bathroom and found Charlotte, who exclaimed "you scared me!" dipping toilet paper in the toilet and then wringing it out onto the bathroom floor. Are you kidding me? FINALLY we got Charlotte down for a nap in our bed- where there are no toys and fewer distractions.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the big second birthday weekend...

Charlotte loves looking at that last picture of her and Toby and wanted to do it again, so here ya go. She's a cheeseball! And you can see how much they look alike, and how much Toby has chunked up in just one month.

I made Charlotte a Blue's Clues "paw print" cake and blue cupcakes. She loved everyone singing to her and blowing out the candle.

Charlotte and Anna dig into their cupcakes.

After dinner and cake we all went up to play in Charlotte's room for a little while. (William, Jack W., and Charlotte playing in this picture.) Notice in the back all of those toys in "Charlotte's Playhouse." Rob asked her to bring him everything one day- and boy did she ever! Every toy, plus her bedding, and many books.

Since she loved it so much, and since we ended up only eating the cupcakes on Saturday, on Sunday we put the candle back on the cake and sang Happy Birthday again. :)

Charlotte is really her own unique little person. She is stubborn and strong-willed, usually happy and sometimes emotional, very affectionate with her stuffed animals, and loves to sing, dance, read, and do ANYTHING social. She has made our home a much more laughter filled place these past two years and we love our Peanut very much!


The Spiveys said...

Happy birthday Charlotte!!! We wish we could have celebrated with you guys! Give her a kiss for us!

Ohh and scary story about the door :(

Shutter said...
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