Sunday, October 12, 2008

3 little pictures

Charlotte managed to squeeze her head into one of Toby's little hats. Rob and I both had to laugh at how much she looks like a little Mennonite. ;)

Sometimes Toby likes just hanging out on the boppy, sucking on his pacifier, and looking at the world. I'm so glad he takes a pacifier!

Cuddling on the couch. This is my new favorite picture!


The Spiveys said...

I love the one of the two kids together! Charlotte is so adorable in that little hat. She looks like she belongs in Lancaster or something. We can't wait to see more pics of Germany!

felicity & nathaniel said...

Love the menanite Charlotte! So funny! I'm jealous that your Toby is a binky taker. Cameron is only by serious coaxing... durn!