Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloween and Toby's baby blessing

For Halloween this year, we went to our Church for a little party. We had a very nice time eating yummy soups and Charlotte enjoyed taking a swing at the pinata, "bobbing for apples" (she reached in with her hand and grabbed one,) and walking around for the trunk or treat. She was so tired by the end of the night that she was giving her candy away to other kids! :)

Here is Charlotte in her puppy costume (the same one she wore last year, but this year it fit her) waiting to swing a stick at the pumpkin pinata. She totally didn't understand this until after the candy came out. The next day she told me the "pumpkin candy" was her favorite thing about Halloween.

Okay. So Toby dressed up as Santa Claus for Halloween. We were given this Santa outfit and there is NO WAY it will fit him by Christmas, so I put it on him for Halloween. Clearly he isn't thrilled. He was too warm and I took it off of him shortly after this photo was taken. Toby was the same size at 6 weeks that Charlotte was at 4 months!!!

Charlotte coloring Halloween themed pictures with her buddies William (the Sheriff) and Benson (Peter Pan.)

Also, last Sunday Rob gave Toby a very special baby blessing. In our Church, infants are blessed by their father or another man who holds the Priesthood and has been chosen by the family in front of the congregation.

I picked out this little outfit for Toby to wear because it has a hedgehog on it and I think they are adorable and very German-- we've seen them out in the street in the evenings here. Oh, I posted this photo on my Facebook page and a friend commented that he looks "so serious." That made Rob and I smile, since that is what we were both told our entire childhoods as well. ;)


Anonymous said...

I love your little family! Rob is so genuine...what you see is what you get amd that's a definite compliment (at least that's my interpretation from Missy's wedding) and I'm always looking for the kiddie updates. I just want to squeeze them! I just adore Toby in his hedgehog pic and I LOVE Charlotte's smiles!! I'm so happy and proud of you Julie!


Mike, Brandy and Kids said...

Cute photos Jules, I just love the hedgehog shirt. He is just adorable.