Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Herr Doktor visits

Both Toby and Charlotte have recently had well baby visits- or Untersuchung as they are called here.

Toby's 1 month visit was a little late- it's not easy making an Untersuchung appointment over the phone in very broken German. At 6 weeks he was 5.85 kg (12 lbs. 14.5 oz., 90-95%) and 62 cm (24.5 in., 95%) long. He is very healthy... but has an umbilical hernia, which I've been told not to worry about. Hopefully it will resolve itself and won't get any worse.

Tall Toby and Daddy napping.

At birth (since I don't think I posted it before) he was 4.12 kg (9 lbs. 1 oz., 90%) and 53 cm (21 in., 75-90%) long. His head was 36 cm (14 in., 50%) around. If that was an "average" sized head, I'm going to have to think long and hard about doing a natural childbirth ever again!

Charlotte had her 2 year check-up today. Do they do this in the US?? They had her draw, do a shape sorter, throw and kick a ball, identify pictures, say her name, and asked me lots of questions about her development milestones. This was tricky, since the nurse's English was relatively limited and my German vocabulary is minimal... but we muddled through with a lot of pantomiming and me serving as translator to Charlotte. Oh, and she did great. And she is most definitely left handed.

Anyway... Charlotte is 14.8 kg (32.6 lbs., 95%) and 87 cm (34.25 in., 75%) tall. Trying a few different handy dandy internet calculators... her predicted adult height will be 5'9". Huh. That's exactly the height that I always wanted to be! ;)

Rob took this video of Charlotte the other day. She was entertaining herself in the infant carseat on top of the stroller. By the way, she isn't normally dressed in a yellow shirt, polka dot pants, and striped socks, but we've been experimenting with her picking out her own clothes.


Annie said...

Julie they do ask the questions you talked about, but they didn't have to throw a ball or draw a picture. The one I did was a just a questionare. I actually fill one out at just about every well baby check up since they were a month old. It is good to see that your little ones are growing up and doing well.

felicity & nathaniel said...

Hi! Toby has a friend in the umbilical hernia club. My sweet Cameron has one too. Crazy! Sometimes it looks so big I think i should put a sock on it! supposedly they almost all go away by age 1-2. Lets hope!

Kat said...

Nick had the umbilical hernia. When he got mad it would get bigger and bigger. Funny but gross. Charlotte is getting so grown up looking!

chrisnallynkids said...

My kids have never had to throw a bal at the doctor. We do have a long questionare now, that we didn't have until about a year ago. I guess they are trying harder now to screen for autism and different disorders. In February when I took Joseph and Savannah for their 5 and 2 year old check-ups at the same time it took me so long to do the paperwork that I was sitting in the office working on it after the appointment was over. I felt like a special ed teacher doing a screening.