Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gymnastics class

For a while now I've been taking Charlotte to a "gymnastics class" at our Burgerhaus (it's a town center where events and things happen- not a hamburger joint- although ours does have a small restaurant in it.) I took the camera with us today to show you all the neat stuff that we do there. The teacher wasn't there today though so we moms kinda improvised and set some stuff up on our own. Anyway, when we first get there we sit in a circle and sing some songs- auf Deutsch of course. Then we throw some balls out for the kids to play with while we set up.

Charlotte loves this big, soft mat. Today we set it up like a slide, sometimes it is just there for jumping onto from a platform.

Charlotte at the top of the mat with a friend.

This is how Toby enjoys gymnastics class. Charlotte insists Toby needs his giraffe with him.

This is the tunnel-- how we set it up today.

This hanging bridge thing was new to me today. Charlotte enjoyed it a lot though. The little girl in this one is our friend Catherine, who first introduced us to this class.

After about an hour we clean it all up and put everything away and sing a few more songs before saying Tschuss. Today was the first time Charlotte tried singing a little bit, and asked me about the songs when we got home afterwards. I also learned ways to say "up" (hoch) and "down" (hinunter) today and learned the word for elephant- Elefant. ;)
Yeah, it's a slow process, but our German gets a little better every day-- "jeden Tag ein bisschen besser".


Julie said...

"jeden tag ein bisschen besser" means "every day a little better" and is a slogan for a grocery store here- REWE. When we first moved into our house I put a grocery bag up on the wall of our bedroom to remind me that, although it is difficult at times, it is getting easier every day and I am happy that we are here. :)

mikeisha said...

Rob, this is so great to have your blog. I forgot that Ally told me you guys were out of the country. How long will you be gone.