Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 2009

It's about time I update the blog, huh? I can't even really say that we've been very busy. We've just had sick kids for a while and have been tired ourselves. But I want to keep you all updated, so here is the month in review! :)

We started out 2009 by going to bed early on New Year's Eve. HA! Apparently, intoxicated Germans like to set off LARGE firework displays in their driveways to celebrate the New Year (somewhat like Meadowlake Park- my neighborhood as a child- on the 4th of July but way bigger.) The explosions started in earnest around 11 pm and lasted until 2 am!! I spent most of that time trying to convince Charlotte that she was safe in her bed as we watched the lightshow going on out her window.

Anyway, then we had a quiet little while and spent some evenings playing games and having dinner with friends.

Anastasia and Anna were very sweet playing with Toby and Charlotte!

Toby had his 4 month checkup this month and weighed in at 17 lbs. (95th%) and was 27 inches long (90th%). I like to call him "Little Big Man" "Toby-Meister" and "Buddy." He tried very hard to make friends with the doctor by cooing and smiling- until she gave him a shot and then he was offended.

We got Toby an exersaucer thing so that he can entertain himself a bit more- and I can have my hands free a bit more. I was surprised how much he already likes it!

Toby has also started trying rice cereal, peas, and carrots. So far he only likes the carrots. Oh, the German Doctor told me to start foods with him like this- "First we do carrots for a week, then add potatoes for a week, and then add meat. After a month you can give fruit and cereal in the evenings if you like." Oh, and some of the infant cereals in the store near us are "mit Honig!" WITH HONEY. Like it's a good thing. Life is different in a foreign country. ;)

Charlotte has been challenging us A LOT this month. Here she is kissing Toby and saying "I love you," but right after the photo she was hitting him and saying "no, don't eat your hands Toby!" One minute she wants her hair done up with clips and the next she is pulling the clips out and crying that she doesn't want it. Today Rob offered to take her to the playground, but first she wanted cereal and juice-- until she was told she could go to the playground or go take a nap, then the cereal and juice were no longer necessary. Rob and I are both getting exhausted by the "terrible twos" and we're only 3 months in! Any advice?

And finally... we celebrated the inauguration with these festive cupcakes I made. hee hee Everyone asks me what the Germans think about Obama, and truly we don't actually talk with that many Germans, but what we have heard (and what we can figure out from the German news on the radio) is a sense of relief that Bush is finally done and a lot of anticipation to see what Obama actually delivers. I think that I concur with that sentiment.

So that is our January in a nutshell. In other news items, I have to say Happy Birthday this week to my sister Pam who is going to becoming a grandmother this Summer! Congratulations to Allen and Robin on your upcoming baby!!! I guess you won't be making it to Oktoberfest this year- but you will have A LOT of new adventures together. I can't believe I'm going to be a great aunt. ;)

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