Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yesterday we went to an indoor waterpark called Miramar with our friends the Bentons to celebrate Jack's first birthday. :) We had a great time!

Because the Germans didn't have a holiday, the place was really not busy at all. They had lots of fun things to do there- like a wave pool and water slides. They also had hot tubs, an indoor/outdoor hot pool-- which was really neat with the snow coming down, places for yoga and tanning, and a restaurant. They have other stuff too... but you get the gist. ;)

It was different from US places in other ways too, for example: Europeans are, um, more comfortable with their bodies, there were extremely few lifeguards to be found, and no one tells you when it is safe to go down the waterslides (which did lead to a little collision incident for Rob.)

Thank you Bentons for inviting us!

picture of Charlotte and I falling off of our tube at the bottom of this slide.

Hanging out at the wave pool. We don't currently have a swimsuit that fits Charlotte, so she just wore a swim diaper and t-shirt.

Charlotte and Sam swimming with their dads.
Notice all of the empty chairs? Soooo nice to not have crowds around!

This is a post script....
we have been trying for WEEKS now to get a decent family photo.
Charlotte has decided she despises photographers who try to play peek-a-boo with her, Toby is mesmerized by cameras, and well, I have no excuse for Rob and I in this shot.


Mim said...

So fun! The water park looks nice and warm, and absolutely fun!

Now I want to go!

David and RaieGene Robison Family said...

This looks fun! In Idaho there used to be a indoor water slide my grandma use to take us to. I miss it. Famliy Pictures what fun!

Mandy said...

great photos Julie! I am so glad you guys had fun. I also really love the family picture. You should frame it. :-)

Anonymous said...

yeah, it took me a few times down the slides to figure out that if you want to go faster, you have to lay down with your shoulder blades touching the slide! It has been many years since I went down a waterslide!

chrisnallynkids said...

We have lots of swimsuits so I am sure we have at least one but probably more that we would be happy to give to Charlotte. See if we remember when you are here.