Tuesday, March 24, 2009

out on the town

We've had some really nice weather here lately (for a change) and so we've tried to take full advantage of it and get out as much as possible. :)

On Sat. the 14th we walked through the forest to the Vivarium. It's a little zoo in Darmstadt, and is about a 3 km walk from our house. Charlotte loved it there! Rob, Toby, and I had a nice time too... and boy were we all worn out when we got home!

The walk took a while because we had to FULLY experience it by walking on logs, crunching through leaves, and pointing out pebbles in the dirt.

My cuddly Toby bear.

Charlotte, the curious monkey.

Charlotte and Daddy by the "Nasenbär exhibit." There is one in the photo, just to the left of Charlotte's head, but it is really hard to see here. I was surprised, there were many animals there that I had never seen before. Also, the habitats/exhibits were quite nice and large--- not nearly as depressing as some zoos I've been to.

This is our self-created double stroller. Toby is in the carseat in the stroller and Charlotte sits on top of the cup holders. It works pretty well actually.

Last Sat. we took a drive to Aschaffenberg and walked around the Altstadt, the open air market, and the castle there. It was a beautiful day! I love visiting different little German towns--- and eating yummy food too. My favorite German phrase right now is either, "Haben sie ein schoko-croissant?" (Do you have a chocolate croissant?) or "Eine kleine Doner mit Flatbroten bitte." (One small Doner on flatbread please.) hee hee

Random photo of Charlotte "smiling" like Rob did in his childhood photos.
(Those quote marks are just for you honey.)

"Knock, knock... are there any princesses here?"

In the courtyard of Schloss Johannisburg (probably misspelled) circa 1600. That door Charlotte was knocking on is on the righthand wall in this picture.

Castle in the background, market in the foreground. I thought it was quite busy for March- but it was a beautiful day out. :)


David and RaieGene Robison Family said...

How fun to see all these diffrent places. Thanks for sharing them with us Julie. Someday I hope to travel and see the world :).

Mandy said...

Looks like a great time at the Vivarium! I love that place, it is never busy and really low-key. Missed you guys at playgroup, but we understand! Have fun in the States, we'll be looking forward to hanging out again when you all are back!