Friday, May 08, 2009

good times

When Rob & I were first married, we made some friends who were also married with no children.... 3 1/2 years later it's great to get together with some of our old gang! We bought our first homes around the same time, had our first babies within about 6 months of each other, and had our second babies within about 7 weeks of each other.

Cameron, Toby, & Sophie
(I love how Toby is flirting in this photo!)

All of the kids!
William, Cameron, Toby, Charlotte, Josh, & Sophie

It was a lot of fun to see y'all- Hancocks & Spiveys!

One last photo-- we took Charlotte & Toby to the Visitor's Center at the Washington DC Temple this week. This is where Rob and I were married. The Visitor's Center has a lot of information and displays about the history of the Church and the life of Jesus Christ. When we were walking back to the car, Charlotte said, "This is where Mommy and Daddy and Charlotte and Toby got married." and "That was a good Jesus."

Also, yay! we have a sit & stand stroller!! Let's hear it for yard sales. ;)


Harmony said...

Wow, Toby looks SO much older than last time I saw him! Cute boy!

The Spiveys said...

We had fun!!! I'm so glad we got to see you all before you jet off again!!!

aj&e said...

julie! welcome home to US and to MD! i'd love to see you before you disappear again overseas.