Friday, June 26, 2009


I am going to have at least 2 posts this month!!! SO here we go with #2...

It has been quite a trip around here lately. The driver's side window on our minivan has been stuck in the down position for 4 weeks now. Thank you AAFES for all of the confusion over ordering a part, which part, we don't know if we ordered the part, oh wait you have to pay for the part, etc. Maybe someday the window will go up again. Also, the BMW is in the shop with a possible death rattle. So we are getting used to the feeling of wind in our hair as we drive down the autobahn. ;) Also, Rob test drove a Mini this week. hmmm.

My nieces Leah and Sarah arrived with Leah's aunt Connie (also a librarian) and we had a whirlwind week of sightseeing in southern Germany last week. there were many mis-adventures along the way with poor directions (thankfully we had brought an atlas,) getting caught in the rain repeatedly, and even, literally, missing the boat for our Rhine cruise! But it all worked out in the end (we caught up with boat in Rudesheim) and everyone stayed in relatively good spirits (except maybe me.)

Connie and also Sarah have now returned home to Pennsylvania, but Leah is still with us and being a HUGE help with the kids. Hopefully she's having some fun too.

Also, last night we had Enrichment meeting at church. Not long ago I was asked to be on this committee and so I had a part to play in the planning and execution of our ladies' Summer Social evening--- which involved making about 20 jars of strawberry freezer jam, coaxing Rob and Leah into watching 10-12 kids, and researching & growing a small herb garden. Maybe it doesn't sound like much, but in the context of the past few weeks, it was a LOT to do. :)

Anyway, here are a few snapshots from our recent trip, all in a jumble as usual---

The Rathaus and Marienplatz in Munich.

Our hotel in Baden-Baden was just a short walk down to the city center.

Jetlag, 800 miles in a minivan, & countless castles.

Leah, Connie, & Sarah in Heidelberg.
The view from Neuschwanstein.
Rob would like to spend a week just here, hiking around the lake and exploring the mountains. :)

Sarah and Leah at the gate of Dachau Concentration Camp.

One of the many castles along the Rhine... Rheinfels???
The cruise was nice but MUCH too long (at 7 hours) with our two little ones.

Me and my sweetie. :D


Mim said...

It looks like a lot of fun (but kids add stress). It is beautiful though. I'd love to be able to see it all some day. Take Care!

The Spiveys said...

Rob in a mini? Now THAT I have to see!! Looks like you guys are having fun!