Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Charlotte: It's a snake!
Rob: It's not a snake.
C: It's a worm!
R: It's not a worm, Charlotte.
C: It's a DEAD worm [nodding.]
R: It's not anything, just stop freaking out.
C: It's not freaking out, it's a worm!
R: No, YOU are freaking out.
C: I'm not freaking out... I'm just a Charlotte.

PS- Check out http://leahscoolsite.webs.com/apps/blog/ to read my niece Leah's blog. She'll be staying with us this Summer and keeping you all up to date on us as well. :)


maura said...

LOL! Too freaking funny!!!!

Leah said...

OH MY GOD that was really funny and it would be just like Charlotte & Rob to have tht exsact conversation! See you in like 12 hours yah!