Friday, July 24, 2009

growing up so fast!

Leah got this great little video of Toby walking while I was putting Charlotte to bed a while ago. :)

Toby is now 10 months old and can crawl AND walk AND climb up the stairs! He also likes to nod (yes) and shake his head (no) and wave to people. He does not like baby food, but he wants to eat whatever is on one of our plates-- and so he has already tried many foods that he probably shouldn't have. (Toby would like to thank Daddy for the chocolate and Charlotte for the honey nut Cheerios, oh, and Mommy for cheese.)

He is NOT a good sleeper, waking up every two hours again lately-- but it only takes a minute of nursing and he goes back to sleep. Yeah, I've got to work on that, but I think maybe it's a growth spurt or teething or something.

He doesn't talk yet. But understands and responds to things that we say, like... "sit" or "stand" or "walk to daddy." He also clearly knows the words "eat," "bath," "crib", and "nurse."

Also, he has just cut his first tooth.

I love that he is interacting with us more every day! Unfortunately though, he's already figured out that he can get Charlotte into trouble by bursting into tears. We've caught him checking for our attention before he begins to wail!!! Oh dear. I hope that eventually they will play well together like our friends Sam and Jack. ;)

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