Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hainerfest 2009

On Saturday, Charlotte, Leah, and I took our hainers down to Darmstadt for their annual "Hainerfest." Apparently a Hainer is a local or something like that... but it gave me several days of juvenile jokes that made Leah snicker and Rob roll his eyes at me, so that was good. :)

It turns out that Hainerfest is designed to make your hainer larger. tee hee

There were a TON of food vendors and also some rides and a few stands selling various trinkets.

We had ice cream, cotton candy, and pretzels.
We didn't actually eat any of these giant cookies, but they have fun sayings on them.

Leah and Charlotte went on this enormous ferris wheel together while I watched safely from the ground. I don't do ferris wheels. When they got off, Leah informed me that they shared their carriage with a somewhat large woman who moved from side to side and made the whole thing rock. That reaffirmed to me why I don't do ferris wheels.

We decided to take the Strassebahn into Darmstadt and home again.
It was nice for a change to not drive and find parking, etc. :)

So now you know all about Hainerfest.
Maybe next Summer you can bring your hainers over and go with us. ;)


Kel said...

Ferris wheels make me a bit nervous too. I love roller coasters and the fast fun, but there is something about going so slow and high. Looks fun!

Becca Anderson said...

Tom and I would love to bring our "heiners" over there. We're saving our monies.

Harmony said...

I laughed that Leah's ferris wheel story.