Wednesday, July 08, 2009

a nice day for a walk in the woods

Yesterday I took all of the kids to the Vivarium-- the little zoo in Darmstadt. The weather is much cooler this week, and we can walk there from our house-- it's just under 2 miles each way through the woods.

We had a nice walk there and we all loved looking at the animals. Toby liked to wave to them. Charlotte loved the monkeys. And Leah took about 80 pictures!

On the way home, we got a little bit rained on and there were some massive slugs on the trail. oh, and I got us slightly lost in the woods. Leah and I had a great time discussing where we would spend the night (perhaps in a hollow tree) and how at least we had the camera to document our final moments. But it didn't end up being a big deal-- maybe a 30 minute detour-- and I got us back home just fine. No Survivor Man skills needed. ;)

I LOVE these giant tortoises!
They weren't out last time Rob & I came.

Very good action shot by Leah.
The monkey had just jumped down from that window in the wall and swung out on this rope.

My favorite I think. I never knew fennec foxes were SO CUTE.

Eww. Lunch time for the Nasenbären consisted of dead opossums.

Leah, Toby, and Charlotte on the trail.
Yes, we bought ANOTHER new stroller. Used, from the thrift store on base. The big wheels are great on the cobblestones and dirt trails and stuff.

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