Friday, September 04, 2009

kiddie kandids

Y'all familiar with that photo place in the mall? Aside from the fact that they spelled "candid" with a "k," I always thought it ironic that the photos are very posed and not at all candid-- I mean who puts their child in a wicker chair with a big floppy hat on these days?

Now HERE are some real candid photos of our kids...

Pajama time this morning. After breakfast it is important to go jump on the couch a bit and sort of lounge around until someone gets hurt or Mom discovers that someone needs a diaper change.

Charlotte and Toby noticing that they have just about the same size hands. Two days ago a lady at the grocery store asked me "Zwingen??" Um, nein, they are NOT twins. (I expect to get a lot more of that over the next year or two as Toby gets even closer in size to Charlotte.)

Snacktime at our last playgroup at a park in Buttelborn. I didn't get the kiddos attention before snapping this photo. I'm sure there are better ones out there from the other moms.

Toby playing peek-a-boo.
I can't tell you how hilarious this is! I've tried to get it on video, but no luck yet. Toby puts a towel or shirt over his head and then runs away as fast as he can. The problem being, of course, that he can't see where he is going with something over his head. So he runs directly into walls or furniture and then lays on the floor crying.
Is it terrible that Rob & I laugh hysterically at this behavior?


Kel said...

Our little guy does that same thing with the blanket - too funny!

Hello. said...

It is hilarious! I wish he'd just stay put though, instead of running and falling. Thats got to hurt!