Sunday, October 11, 2009

London Day 1

Yay!! We are home from London safe and sound-- and I LOVED it. :)

For me, London was always the place I would say when people would ask, "If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?" (I don't know why, but it is surprising just how OFTEN I've found myself answering that question.)

I took about 200 pictures in 3 full days of sightseeing. lol

Here is a break down of our trip (and just a few photos)...

Charlotte and Little Polar on the Tube.

Acting (as always) at the Tower of London.

This guard was outside the Royal Treasury-- where Q. E.2 keeps her crown jewels on display--- He was so young!!! And he had to periodically march back and forth in front of his little hut. What a lousy job.

Tower of London. We saw where they found the two princes bones under the stairway. And a really cool exhibit on Henry VIII called "Dressed to kill" all about armor and weaponry. And messages etched into the walls by prisoners. And Traitors Gate. And the ravens that live at the Tower (legend has it that if they ever leave, the Tower will fall and so will England.)

London Bridge over the Thames, just beyond the Tower walls.
Happy 4th Anniversary my love!

After the Tower and some lunch at a trendy place called Leon, we took a little rest by St. Paul's cathedral.
Then we headed to the British Museum... "the largest collection of imperial pillagings anywhere" according to my dear husband. ;) Here is Rob next to the Rosetta Stone-- terrible picture, but I love it anyway.

Some of the many sculptures from the Parthenon in Greece. Greece would like to have these back. Apparently, it's an ongoing debate.

After the British Museum, we stopped by the British Library to view their "treasures." SO COOL! I loved seeing Jane Austen's journals, Handel's draft of the Messiah, a Gutenberg Bible, an original copy of the Magna Carta (they handwrote several copies), Beatles lyrics on napkins, and on and on and on. :)

AFter some Indian food on Drummond St., we headed back to the Hotel Elizabeth on Eccleston Square (Churchill once lived a few doors down.) This was the TINIEST triple room (this is Charlotte's bed in the window bay)-- but very comfy and covenient, and had 12 foot ceilings.

Also, we loved that the hotel had access to a private garden across the street where we liked to sit in the evening and let the kids run and play on the playground. :)


Harmony said...

Looks like a fun trip, Julie! I love the pic of Charlotte with the umbrella and phone booth. She is such a character!
I'm just like you; England is the ONE place I've always wanted to go.

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