Sunday, October 11, 2009

London Day 2

On Friday, we took a bus tour out of the city to explore some of the English countryside and legends. :)

First stop was Stonehenge. Brrrr, it was cold and breezy!

The stones are pretty phenomenal though... I can't imagine HOW they brought them here and arranged them, nevermind WHY they did it. Those wacky druids.

Next we went to Glastonbury. We were unable to climb up Glastonbury Tor because of the weather, but we walked around the Chalice Well and Gardens.

Legend has it, that Joseph of Arimethea brought the Holy Grail here and dropped it down the well??? Um, okay. Anyway, the water is tinted red-- either because of the mystical blood of Christ or some other reason. hmm... Rob & I both tasted it--- pretty strong iron taste.

It is quite striking though-- and the gardens are beautiful.
Glastonbury Abbey was the next stop. Henry VIII had it torn down when he began the Church of England, but the ruins are spectacular. Joseph of Arimethea was also a visitor here, we are told and brought the crown of thorns. The Glastonbury Thorn tree was the result-- which blooms at Easter and Christmas.

Hands on history. :)

Part of the chapel.

The kids had a rough time with being on the bus so much, but everyone survived.

Charlotte is turning into such a little "poser."

I love this one in Glastonbury. The town was a nice spot for lunch (Cornish pasties are yummy) and for shopping for all of our New Age and Wiccan needs. Or not.

The last stop of the day was in Avesbury. This tiny town is in the middle of another ancient stone circle-- like Stonehenge, but bigger, free, and where you can touch the stones.
Our guide David is giving us the overview here-- he was pretty amusing, especially when he got into an altercation with another driver on a one lane road and had left his mic on. (She called us bloody foreigners!)

It was really neat to walk around this henge with the sheep.

Rob with the stroller. Thatched barn roof up ahead of him.

The end of the stone circle and Day #2. The ride back to London was AWFUL.

There was so much traffic, we were 2 hours later than expected. Thankfully, Toby slept much of it and Charlotte made friends with 2 Hungarian tourists who played with her and fed her candy, etc. Charlotte made friends EVERYWHERE we went on this trip-- she is so outgoing. It actually reminded me a lot of traveling with my mom. :)


Mandy said...

JULIE!! Awesome pics of your trip!!! I absolutely love the one of charlotte by the red phone booth--adorable! And she makes for some precious photos with her poses :-) And your commentary was so entertaining, as always. glad you could get all those wiccan things you have been wanting LOL! thanks for the photos and happy 4th anniversary!

The Spiveys said...

Stonehenge!!! So cool. You have to make that your Christmas picture this year :)