Monday, October 12, 2009

London Day 3

On our last day in London, we headed into the main part of the city to see the big tourist attractions there.

Rob and the kids with Big Ben in the background.

Westminster Abbey-- Charlotte and I went in while Rob & Toby strolled around outside. It's a pretty incredible church (no photos allowed inside) and also about 3,000 people are buried inside, including many kings and queens, what are believed to be the 'Princes in the Tower's' remains, and many, many others. My favorite spot was Poet's Corner in front of Chaucer's Grave-- T.S. Eliot, Robert Browning, Charles Dickens, and on and on.

Charlotte in front of Parliament.

We went over to Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Guard (along with every other tourist in London that day.) Toby loved the view from his seat.

Charlotte was irritated to hear that the Queen was not going to come out and say hello to her. And after waiting for a little while we aborted early to St. James Park and spent some time at the playground instead. The crowd was just insane, and the kids were tired of being confined to the stroller, so we were all happier at the park.

Trafalger Square.

#10 Downing Street.
(Where the Prime Minister lives.)

Across the street from #10, there was a protest going on. Rob stopped to read the signs and talk with a Kurdish man about their cause for a while. It was a peaceful demonstration and there were many photographers, reporters, and police on hand. It was Rob's favorite event of the day!

Mind the Gap. ;)
(Charlotte's new favorite phrase, by the way.)

Having a chocolate biscuit in the hotel lobby while we wait for Daddy.

We really enjoyed our time in London, but it was EXHAUSTING. Overall, the kids dealt really well, but we did have our occasional meltdowns. Rob & I found ourselves talking throughout the trip about what we want to see "next time" and where our next trips will be to... so that's a good sign. :)


Aubrey said...

Julie, I enjoyed your stories, photos, and captions immensely! Shopping for your Wiccan needs...imperial plundering...those wacky Druids...I laughed out loud over and over again. Glad you're back and that you enjoyed your trip to London!

chrisnallynkids said...

The picture of C is so funny! I can only imagine how upset Lizzy would be if she didn't get to meet the queen. T does have the best seat ever!

Hello. said...

I love the picture of Charlotte in front of the 'Mind the gap' sign, so cute! I saw the one of Charlotte making her 'mean face,' very cute. Acting in London, every girls dream (well at least Charlottes!)

Love the pics!

Suz said...

Jules your trip to London looks amazing! And can I say I LOVE the expression on Charlotte's face upon learning the queen wasn't coming out? LOL.