Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dizzy Dazzling December

Merry (belated) Christmas!

We have been very much enjoying all of the festivities of this time of year... here are a few snapshots.

**Santa brought me a new camera (yippee), so I have been taking a LOT of pictures the past two days, but the first of these are from the old camera. Can you tell the difference? (I can.)**

Early in December, the kids and I started collecting pine cones on our walks in the woods to make some crafty ornaments. Then one night Charlotte and I glued silver glitter on them, and I tied some ribbon on, and Voila!

Toby has been REALLY interested in the workings of the woodstove this winter. No burns yet, thankfully.

I put icing on all of the sugar cookies, but let the kids do their own sprinkles. This was Toby's very own creation. :)

Charlotte's cookie masterpieces.

Of course, I like to decorate cookies too.
(Notice the blur? Guess which camera.)

In mid-December, we went to a Christmas concert and party at our church.
Rob and Toby looked dapper in their green shirts.

Charlotte is such a shy and retiring child. HA!

And finally, the main event!
Christmas morning was VERY exciting for Charlotte. She LOVES the dollhouse Santa brought her. (And all of her new toys, dress-up clothes, and books!)
(Blur, blur, grainy, blur.)

Toby also really enjoyed Christmas (though it took him 2 hours to open his presents.) Santa brought him a wagon and blocks and he received many other cool toys, (which he has had a lot of fun with already,) but he is just so cute taking care of the babies in Charlotte's dollhouse.
(Crystal clear photo = YAY!!!)

Today has been full of more fun with new toys and also with the new camera. :D
Crazy fairy princess in the foreground, singing Toby (with a spoon as usual) in the background.

I love this wild child.
(Fun new camera!)

Tickling and wiggling and giggling with Daddy.
(And not a blur in sight.)

Contrary to popular belief, Charlotte does actually stop moving from time to time, and always enjoys a good book.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!
(See ya in 2010!!!)


Mandy said...

aw, cute pics! looks like the Andersons had a great Christmas! I can definitely tell a difference with the camera. Love the pic of you and Charlotte. adorable!

Anonymous said...

Yeah new camera!!! What kind? Too cute pics.


Harmony said...

Yay for the new camera!