Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've had a few recent requests to share some more of the wisdom of our three year old Yoda. Enjoy. ;)

"Boys and girls are different... because of the pee-pees."

"You are naughty because you don't go to work. You don't have a job."
(While pretending to be Santa- to me.)

"Are you ready to be nice again?"
(To me again- as she is getting out of time-out.)

"These are your choices."
(Anytime she disagrees with us. Yes, I know where she gets this.)

"Mommies get together to talk... without kids? That's weird."
(As I'm leaving for book club.)

"I was a baby, but now I'm growed up. But I'm still growing. I'm going to be taller than Daddy."
(Gee, I hope not.)

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Aubrey said...

Those are so stinking hilarious! Charlotte cracks me up. I'm so glad you're recording these things for posterity (and for my reading enjoyment). :)