Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did I mention it's been snowing?

This winter has been CRAZY for snow! Last winter, we hardly had any, and this winter it flurries, at least a little bit, most days. We've been having some fun getting the kids out to play, but I have to admit that I am way over winter right now. I am ready for some warmth and sunshine BIG TIME. (Hopefully we'll have some nice weather when we visit Rome in a few weeks.)

So here are a few pictures of us enjoying the snow- and a few of us going stir-crazy as well. ;)

Toby sledding with Daddy down the hill at the playground.

Mommy, Charlotte, & Toby (in the middle) coming down.
(Next year I think we need to get a sled that fits adult-size bums a bit better.)

Some days we get a little snow... some days we get a LOT, but there has been snow on the ground almost continuously for about 6 weeks now.

I've been doing yoga a lot lately- Toby's got mad yoga skillz. ;)

At first he was afraid of the vacuum,
but now he insists on having a turn every time I use it.
Did I mention 'stir-crazy?' (lol)

And last, but not least, Charlotte moved up from Nursery into Primary at the beginning of January. Here she is with Anton having lunch at her first Primary activity. She is having a HARD time with this adjustment-- she has to sit still much longer, and she misses her Nursery teacher. Thankfully, her good friend Anton is with her (and Sandro too) and while they may be the 3 rowdiest Sunbeams EVER, at least she is getting used to it. AND they have a fantastic teacher.


Mandy said...

I cannot believe how much snow you all are getting! In all my years in Germany we hardly got any! Part of me is jealous, because the snow made everything so pretty. But then again, it was so hard to get the kids out (all bundled up, then warmed up afterwards) just for a few minutes of outdoor time. But it's good to know you guys are doing well in any case. :-)

Mim said...

That's lots of snow. I'd be going stir crazy by now. Hang in there with the Primary transition. It will come.

Johnson Family said...

I so hear you about the winter. I have decided that this (hoax) global warming thing might not be so bad. Couldn't we all combine forces and make our "carbon footprints" big enough that anywhere we go is like being in the Caribbean? ;)